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April 4, 2010 / Mark

New Washer, Dryer & Bed!

On Friday morning, our new LG washer and dryer were delivered. They were dropped off (no install or haul-away), so Sarah and I moved them down into the basement ourselves. The dryer wasn’t too bad, but the washer is about 50lbs heavier… it was slow going down the steps. The old washer and dryer  are still sitting in the basement. We’re planning on donating them to the local habitat for humanity recycling store, or putting them up for free on Craigslist. I hooked them up while Sarah went to Home Depot with Erin for some some more paint, some Durabond & a trowel (more on that later).

After removing the old washer, I had to turn off the water because the valves that the washer hooks up to didn’t turn off all the way and were leaking all over the floor. When I turned the water back on, the shutoff valve to the water heater started dripping. Grabbed a 3/4″ wrench, and tightened it down, and was good to go! Had to do the same thing with the main shutoff valve too. I hope those don’t turn into bigger projects down the road! After checking over all the other plumbing, I finished up the hook-up procedure. The washer and dryer make awesome beeps and plays a little song when you turn them on and off; I spent a few minutes just sitting there, spinning the dial and pressing buttons, it was really fun!

While I was keeping myself busy in the bedroom with the paint prep, Sarah spent several hours with a rake and later a leaf blower (generously lent to us by her co-worker Cynthia). The owner before us didn’t seem to spend much time keeping the house clean, and the yard is no different. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the progress she made, but Taegan (Erin’s wonderful German Shepherd) really appreciated having some room to run around in, and it was nice to look out and see the flowers that were sprouting up that were hidden by the leaves before.

Our bed was delivered on Saturday morning, and went into what will become the office, since the bedroom wasn’t quite finished yet. We spent a lot of time prepping, priming and painting the trim in the master bedroom. After a while, we finally finished up the trim and let it dry for the night.

We went back to the apartment to get some odds and ends, and the cats, to introduce them to their new home for the first time. Viking loved it, and was running around, sniffing everything and generally being crazy. Loden was also being crazy, but in the opposite way. As you can see in the later pictures, he blends in well with the little bit of the plants we brought over. Ninja cat!

This morning (Happy Easter!), we woke up and enjoyed mimosas while sitting outside the blazing sun as it rose away from the horizon. All of Sarah’s hard work in the yard really paid off as we sat there and relaxed for a while, listening to the birds chirping away and the wind rustling through the trees. We set up the bed frame and carpet in the master bedroom and moved the mattress over! Things are falling into place! Final master BR picture coming soon.


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