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April 8, 2010 / Sarah

Bring on the Thunder

So it’s been a week now, officially, that we’ve been homeowners. And let me tell you, the feeling hasn’t really sunk in. I think the fact that we have none of our furniture or kitchen appliances over at the house yet contributes to this, but that’ll all happen in due course, just have to be patient.  I will say though, that I love our new bed. I don’t know where this king size bed has been all my life. Besides the fact that I have to use an imaginary megaphone to talk to Mark alllll the way on the other side of the bed, we have lots of space to stretch our long legs out, and it’s definitely the perfect fit for this 5’11 & 6’4 couple. We’ve stayed at the house 3 nights now (we still wander over to the apartment from time to time) and knowing that we are waking up in our very own house gives us, well, I have to say it… the warm fuzzies!

Last night, Mark and I were debating about curtain colors in the master bedroom when we heard a loud booming noise which coupled with a huge rumble in the floor beneath our feet. At first, I thought this might have been a random occurrence from my flushing the toilet 5 minutes prior, and then we went down to the basement to make sure it wasn’t a laundry or pump issue (we were doing laundry). Everything was kosher in the basement, so I made my way outside, and it was POURING. It was Thunder!! Probably Mark’s favorite natural phenomenon, and # 3 on my list of scary things, but now we know what a thunderstorm sounds like in the Casa. I know, I know, thunder, big deal – but hey, we love hearing cool sounds in new places!

So let’s see what’s been finished so far…. The master bedroom painting (minus a few touch-ups), installed washer/dryer, got old washer/dryer donated and picked up, got some floor re-finishing quotes, re-arranged shelves in living room, brought over all our plants, clothes, got some MAIL (thank you, parents!), decided paint color for guest room & master bathroom, and a lot of yardwork has been completed. Unfortunately, it’s been raining all week so a lot of the leaves that I blew around w/ the leafblower to dry out have gotten wet again, but that’s nothing a little sunshine this weekend can’t fix!

I don’t have any project pictures to post today, but I did go onto Google StreetView and found some pics of the house in all its Springy-ness. I figured a picture of the house with lots of GREEN would give you a good idea of just how many trees there are, and how nicely set back the house is from the quiet neighborhood street. Enjoy!

Shot 1


Shot 2

Note that the color of the house will not remain the same (thank goodness)! We are hoping to tackle a house-painting project within the year….

P.S. GO RIT HOCKEY! (Playing in the Frozen Four in Detroit tonight & Saturday!)



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  1. Ernie Magison / Apr 8 2010 1:30 pm

    Congratulations and good luck! That’s a long driveway for snow country! but I’m a tired olefaht.

  2. Valerie Y. / Apr 28 2010 1:38 pm

    Google street views of your house are great!

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