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April 20, 2010 / Sarah

The Great Room

First off: we are fully moved in! Many thanks to Wendy & Jim (Mark’s parents) and my Dad who came up this past weekend. We acquired some things, new and old, and the house is slowly but surely feeling like home. My great-great-grandmother’s dining room table & buffet have come into the mix, and we are loving our dining room/living room duo. The Great Room truly lives up to its name.

We haven’t had time to upload pictures, we’ve been a bit busy (probably an understatement) and my two jobs have been so time-consuming as of late. Besides we’ve got a bit of organizing to do, but our office, master bedroom, master bathroom, and kitchen are pretty much good-to-go for now and we will tackle the sunporch and living room soon.

Today we will plant some daylilies after work in our garden. The daylilies my dad brought up from his house (thanks Heather) and will look great once planted! Mark also got a lawn mower & a set of power tools for his early birthday, and after the first fresh cut of spring, the lawn looks incredible…. we should really get a truck load of topsoil/mulch for the trees and lawn. There are a couple of deep holes & divots that we need to fill, and some grass seed to put down. For some reason everyone wants to celebrate Mark’s birthday early, because I got him some Adirondack chairs as an early gift, too.

As always, more to come later…


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