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April 21, 2010 / Mark

Making A House a Home

Picture update time! There are a bunch of things that happened which significantly changed the appearance of the house, and it’s time to fill you in on how it looks now! The pictures are at the very bottom of this post. After Sarah had given me an awesome early birthday present, I felt the need to take a picture of the box, with an upside-down chair on it. We have been using the chairs to eat dinner in while enjoying the relaxing spring Rochester weather. Our two kitties are also enjoying the outdoors, chasing bumblebees and sniffing everything in sight. One thing we kept them away from was the dessert we made. Bananas, vanilla pudding, Nilla wafers and whipped cream all add up to make an amazing afternoon snack! Anyway, let’s get down to business.

After we finished up the master bedroom, we took a break for a week while deciding what to do with the next room. After testing out a color called Cool Cucumber, and deciding that it was way too close to white for what we wanted, we went for something a little more bold. No surprises here, it’s bright green! Armed with some lessons learned from the last room, we got to work, and decided to paint everything without masking tape. Ridiculous, I know, but it actually worked out great in the end. The prep-work was a lot of fun; we took down the light fixture on the wall above the sink, as well as the cabinet.

Before getting started on the walls, the trim around the windows on the door were prepped and primed. The window frame was really really annoying! Painting the right side of the frame wasn’t a problem for me, being left handed…. but the left side was really awkward because of the space available behind the toilet. After the primer had dried, we got to work on the walls, doing the edging with a Sure-line edging tool, commonly referred to us as the Shurfine for some unknown reason. It’s little red tool that has two wheels that roll over the wall you’re not painting, and a pad soaked with paint for the wall that is being painted. It makes a nice line of paint up to the edge of the wall that is a few inches thick, and then we just went over it as closely to the ceiling as we could to get the streaks out.

Of course, being clumsy, I hit the ceiling a couple times with the roller.. fortunately, there was some paint in the basement leftover from when the ceiling was painted in the past. Oddly enough, the paint smelled like chocolate? We couldn’t really figure that one out, hahaha. The trim was then gone over the same way, and painted white.  After being blinded by bright lights early in the morning one too many times, I took the time today to replace the switch with a digital dimmer.

Thanks to great efforts from my parents and Sarah’s dad, we managed to get a ton of furniture moved to the house over the weekend.. literally. It’s great though, things are filling in, feeling like home, and is just much easier to live in now. A few pictures in the album show just how much furniture appeared in the span of 48 hours. The last one was taken just a few minutes ago, as I was writing this very post!

While Sarah’s dad was here, we decided to make use of our fire place. We have a ton of trees in the back yard, so finding sticks and twigs to start a fire was no problem, and he happened to bring up two small cherry logs with him to help support furniture in the trailer. Things were off to a great start, but as soon as the fire died down a bit and wasn’t nearly as hot, a little bit of smoke started getting into the room, and ended up setting off both smoke detectors. We opened all the windows and put a fan in to get the smoke out, it got pretty chilly in the house that night! It was decided that until something is changed in the fireplace, fires will be an all or nothing deal.



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