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August 1, 2010 / Sarah

A Recycled Desk

Our last [free] weekend of the summer just ended – we now have Ellen & Peter’s wedding, an Exley family reunion & an excursion in the Poconos to look forward to and here’s hoping we can squeeze in home improvement during the week. We recently had a nice upgrade here in the office – a new desk! Emphasis on new, because it’s actually not. It’s a desk made-over from a door and some a-frame horses. The best part? The total: $15.

We already had all the paint/polyurethane supplies & bought the door for 15 dollars from Habitat for Humanity’s Rochester Restore. That price-tag had me smiling, and knowing we were recycling a door made the project even more fulfilling. So I have oodles of space now, as opposed to my tiny square of a desk before!

We also re-organized one of the office closets, and made a rug switch-a-roo. We took our Pottery Barn striped yellow/brown rug out of the office and put it into the guest room to add more texture and pattern – then the guest room rug made a new home in the office! It’s a cream-white rug which really brightens up the office, like our house mantra…. light, bright and airy!

Office before: Blocky, Compartmentalized, Too much furniture

After: Desk in Mark's old desk location. He's on the other side of the room now. Yes, that's a blue flower I painted on the wall - Mark wanted to test that paint color, but obviously it's not going up :)

Closet before: Boxes we hadn't even unpacked, an unofficial linen closet, old college notes we don't need...

\Closet After: Binders are organized, put all our bags into an IKEA organizer (hanging), arranged a filing cabinet, and that white "suitcase" is all the stuff that came with my new cochlear implant!

We also squeezed in some yard work. We mowed down a huge patch of weeds at the edge of our yard and planted grass seed, which is coming in nicely. In the meantime, we are loving summer and all the surprise plants that came up in our garden. For instance… this purple blazing star…

Blazing Star, Adirondack Chairs, what could be better?

Why hello Viking... care to share your plant secrets?



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  1. Brooke Exley / Aug 1 2010 11:03 pm

    looking good sis! can’t wait to see you this weekend : )

  2. Eric at my First Garage / Aug 16 2010 6:18 pm

    There is nothing more satisfying than a great closet re-organizaition.


    PS: I found your blog (and subscribed) through a comment you left on Young House love

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