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August 17, 2010 / Mark

Garage Door Opener

Our house is wonderfully adorned with two garage spaces, and two garage doors. When we moved in, just the southern garage door had an opener attached to it, which is fine for the summer, when we don’t need to be parking inside. However, as winter approaches, the need for that second opener increases, so that we can both keep our cars out of the frost, neverending snow and general cold weather abuse during the winter.

After some searching around, I settled on a Chamberlain belt drive; it seemed to have the fewest unfavorable reviews, and had some pretty neat features, like a battery to allow the door to be opened while the power is out.

Installation was actually pretty fun. Nothing hard or challenging, just rather time consuming to get all the hardware together, hooked up, aligned properly, and then doing all the wiring for the sensors and the internal control panel.

Although this is a pretty minor concern for us, the most noteworthy thing about the opener is how quiet it is. Press the button, and you’ll hear a quiet hum of a motor, and all the normal squeaks and groans you’ll hear from the garage door itself.  Now we I just have to focus on keeping the garage itself clean so we have room to park in there!


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  1. Eric Exley / Sep 14 2010 7:25 pm

    Well done Mark! Is there anything you won’t try to do?

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